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Back pain is one of the common problems, that’s why, because of severe pain, people miss work. So, you should adopt methods to get relief from this back pain. Pain management physicians and doctors will help out to heal your pain within weeks. Sometimes, the surgery is also required to get relief from back pain. 

How to find the Best Back Pain Treatment clinic?

NJ Pain and Spine is the best clinic to deal with all kinds of back problems. Our expert Orthopaedic and surgeon team are certified and help to treat any issues related to back, disc related pain, upper and lower back pains.

Which specialist is best for back pain in the US?

Family doctor, general practitioner, ER doctors, Paediatrician, Orthopaedists, Rheumatologists, Neurologists and Neurosurgeons, Holistic and Osteopathic Specialists prove to be very helpful to treat back pain problems. 

What is the best place for back pain treatment in New Jersey?

Pain treatment NJ is the best place in New Jersey to treat back pain. Dr. Ednan Sheikh deals with all types of the upper and lower back treatment in the US. 


Back pain occurs because of muscle aching. The back pain seems to observe stabbing, burning and feel sensation. Sometimes, the pain releases down to the legs or feels worse, or leg twisting or bending. The person has pain while lifting, walking and standing. 

When A person sees a doctor:

Sometimes, Back pain improves with home treatment, but it takes time. If your back pain continually persists, you can contact the doctor. 

  • The pain persisted for the last few weeks. 
  • The back pain is severe and not improved with proper rest.
  • You can spread down one and both legs, if the pain extends below the knee.
  • Back pain also causes numbness, tingling and weakness in one and both legs. 

Risk factors of having Back Pain: 

Anyone can face the back problem, even children, teenagers and youngsters as well. Let’s have a glance, which factors increase the risk of back pain. 

  • Age. When you cross the age limit of 30 and 40. The issue of back pain is common, when you get older. 
  • Not regular exercise. Back pain may be caused by inactive muscles, weak abdominal and back muscles.
  • Extra weight: Your back is put under more strain if you are overweight.
  •  Diseases. Back discomfort can be exacerbated by certain cancers and forms of arthritis.
  • Inappropriate lifting Back pain might result from using your back instead of your legs.
  • Mental health issues. Those people, who are suffering from despair and anxiety, can observe back pain among the people. 
  • Smoking. Back pain among smokers is a more common issue. It might happen because smoking hurts more, and coughing can cause herniated discs. Smoking also increases the risk of low blood flow to the spinal area and increases the risk of osteoporosis.

Back Pain Treatment:

By maintaining or improving your physical health, the back pain improves day by day. Back pain treatment can be done by some specialist. 

By getting in touch with an expert physician, you may be able to avoid back discomfort or stop its recurrence.

To maintain a strong, healthy Back:

  • Exercise. To recover from back pain treatment, you can do regular aerobic exercise that does not put strain on your back. Daily based exercise strengthens your back muscles and improves the muscles endurance. with regular activity you can get relief from back pain. 

The best options are swimming and walking. The activities you might do should be discussed with your doctor.

  • Increase muscle flexibility and strength. Exercises for your back and abs assist build stronger back muscles and condition these muscles to cooperate to form a strong support to your back.
  • Maintain healthy weight. Back muscles are strained by being overweight. Losing weight can help you prevent back discomfort if you are overweight.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking raises the possibility of low back pain. Quitting smoking should help lower this risk since it rises with daily cigarette consumption.

Avoid twisting or putting strain on your back. Make good use of your body, adopt a proper posture. 

  • Use a Proper Posture: Avoid slouching. Keep your pelvis in a neutral position. Put one foot on a low footstool if you must stand for extended amounts of time to relieve some of the strain on your lower back. Swap the feet. The strain on the back muscles can be decreased with good posture.
  • Use a proper seat. Select a seat with armrests, a swivel base, and decent lower back support. Your back’s regular curve can be preserved by placing a pillow or towel rolled up in the small of your back. Keep your hips and knees in line. Change your posture after half an hour. 


If you change your lifestyle, or use proper posture, exercise, and expert advice, you can enjoy the quality of life and get rid of the back pain. Backpain treatment doctors adopt proper techniques, surgical and non-surgical methods to avoid all types of pain.

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