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It can be difficult, debilitating, and demoralizing to deal with chronic pain, and there often seems to be no end in sight. The pain and spine clinic might be what you need if you suffer from chronic pain.

Consider the situation in which you are going to your first appointment with a pain management provider. It’s normal to have questions, such as what to expect at your first appointment, or when you’ll receive treatment. What happens at your first pain management appointment and what to expect going forward will be explained in this article.

How Do pain and spine clinic Work?

Health care providers who specialize in treating pain are known as pain management clinics. Among the treatment options they offer are physical therapy and injections. As well as managing pain, they educate patients on ways to live a pain-free lifestyle, which can reduce the level of pain in the body. Patients treated at pain management clinics, however, do not receive the same treatment and diagnosis as those treated at primary care providers.

A Pain Clinic: What To Expect

Instead of treating specific injuries or conditions, pain and spine clinics focus on pain and its causes. Chronic pain patients who have not responded to standard treatments are the focus of most pain clinics.

Patients in need of relief from pain who haven’t found it in common pain relief techniques can find relief at Pain and Spine clinic. Here are some of treatments they offer:

  • Headaches caused by migraines can be treated with Botox
  • Back pain relief with medial branch blocks
  • Many types of pain can be treated with epidurals
  • Implants that stimulate the spinal cord
  • The use of Spartz for knee pain and so much more!

What to Bring to Your First Pain Management Appointment

  • Your primary care doctor’s referral information, if applicable.
  • Card of insurance
  • Identification card/driver’s license issued by the government
  • Medical records if required in which including x-rays, MRI, and CT scans according to your health condition
  • Payment

Procedure for Your First Appointment

We will ask you for your contact information and appointment information when you arrive.

You will be brought in by your doctor to discuss your medical history, current diagnoses, past treatments, and other details about your condition. By doing so, they will be able to better understand your situation.

After that, you’ll discuss your expectations and goals. If you have looked into different treatment options, you can share those with the doctor.

You will receive a recommendation from your doctor once you’ve discussed your situation with them. Treatment appointments are usually scheduled at a later date for patients. Patients may also refer to other specialists in some cases.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the reasons for referring someone to a pain clinic?

You may be referred to a pain and spine clinic if you have chronic pain, which lasts more than three months. It is more likely that you will be referred to a doctor if your pain negatively affects your everyday functioning and life. Depending on your chronic pain diagnosis, you may be referred.

How does a back pain clinic work?

To control and relieve your pain, they encourage you to develop self-help skills. The following treatments may be used: medicine. Injections for pain relief and manual therapy.

How can pain management help lower back pain?

A patient’s back pain can be diagnosed by identifying the source of the pain. The use of conservative (nonsurgical) care as an alternative to surgery. To determine the areas that require surgical intervention. To assist the patient in rehabilitating after surgery.

What do patients expect from their first visit to a pain clinic?

You will be asked about your pain symptoms on your first visit to a pain management doctor. X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and prior diagnostic studies (X-rays) may also be examined by the doctor. If you have previous, available studies, please bring them (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs).


A pain assessment will be conducted during your first appointment in pain and spine clinic New Jersey, including questions about your medical history, current prescriptions, pain patterns, and any other specific concerns. Your physician may order additional imaging studies or physical therapy based on your symptoms and type of pain.

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