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cancer pain management in new jersey

It’s not necessary that every cancer Patient has cancer pain but some of them do. If someone has cancer that spreads, then chances of having pain are higher. There are several types of cancer Pain it may be dull, moderate to severe. It also may be achy, burning and sharp. How much pain you suffer from depends on several factors, including types of cancer you are suffering from and on which advanced stage it is. But fortunately, you can manage most cancer pain. But cancer pain Management important part of treatment.

What are main Causes of cancer Pain:

The cancer pain management increases. if the cancer grows increase and destroy nearby tissue. Like if a tumor grows it can damage nerves, bones, nearby tissues or organs. Tumor also release chemicals which has potential to cause pain.

If the cancer tumor grows, it can easily transfer different organs of the body and bones. As a result, the cancer tumor also releases chemicals, which results in pain. 

Treatment of cancer helps to manage these painful situations. Different types of cancer treatments like radiation, chemotherapy or surgery also can cause pain. 

How pain Management experts cope with cancer pain?

Different treatments are available for cancer pain management. Method of treatment depends on what’s causing your cancer pain and severity of the pain you are feeling. Different treatment can be adopted for pain treatment to find which method is most suitable.

Options available:

  • OTC pain Relievers

For mild to moderate different levels of pain reliever that don’t require any doctor prescription. Examples include ibuprofen, Aspirin, NSAIDS.

  • Medications derived from opium (opioids)

Opium drugs needed prescription also called anti narcotic drugs used to treat moderate to severe pain example of opioids are Morphine and Oxycodone Some opioids are treatment for short periods of time. So, pain relief comes so quickly so to get pain relief you have to take those drugs more often sometimes short and long-acting opioids are using at same time.

  • Prescription Medicines

Other medicines can help relieve pain, including antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs and steroids.

  • Methods to Block Pain Signals

     Nerve block procedure methods also help to stop pain signals from being transferred to the brain. In this method a numbing medicine injected into nerve

  • Integrative therapies

Some people feel relief from pain through physical therapy, massage, exercise and hypnosis

Other treatment may be depending on the condition you are suffering from. Even marijuana being used to cancer pain treatment in some country. In these countries it is legal

All medicines related to cancer pain management have side effects. You should discuss benefits and risks with your doctors to manage the side effects. After discussion with you doctor both can decide which treatment is best for you. 

Reasons Behind not receiving adequate cancer pain treatment

Mostly cancer pain is undertreated. There are so many factors. some of them include:

  • Negligence by doctors to ask about pain and offer treatment

Doctors should ask people suffering from cancer about their pain level at every visit. How much pain the patient has. Some Health care professionals don’t know enough about pain treatment .in this scenario it is necessary to make referral to pain specialist

Given current issues about the benefits and risks of opioids drugs sometimes doctors hesitate to prescribe these medications. Close connection with your pain specialist is required to proper use of these opioids.

People avoid Discussing their pain

People often don’t want to discuss with their doctor about the level of pain they are suffering from. Sometimes they think the cancer is worsening because of severe pain. There are several reasons in which patients avoid telling his cancer pain to doctors. But it is not a good practice. Whatever you are feeling or having problems. You must discuss it with the doctor. 

  • Fear factor (addiction to opioids) 

Addiction with opioid   is very low. But it is very possible that you might develop a tolerance regarding your pain medication which means now you are in need of a higher dose to control your pain. Tolerance is not related to addiction. If you feel that your medicine is not working talk to your health care profession to increase the dose don’t increase medicine dose by yourself.

Side effects

 People are sometimes worried about the side effects of using these opioid medicines. The common side effects of these medicines are sleepy, dizziness, inability to communicate, and acting strangely. These medication side effects happen when you use high doses of these drugs. but they resolve once your pain management specialist finds the correct level of pain medication.

How you can make understand your doctor about your pain

If your pain is persistent and interferes in your life, don’t wait just report it. there are some key points you can discuss with your doctor to make him understand about your pain

  • Pain Severity level
  • Pain types (dull, achy, stabbing) you have
  • Which part of body you are feeling pain
  • What brings on the pain
  • Reason to make worsen or better
  • What pain relief strategies you use, such as massage, physical therapy exercise, medicines how they help and also side effects they cause

With the help of a pain-rating scale from 0 to 10 — with 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain — might help you to describe your pain to your health care professional.

Steps you can take to ensure you’re receiving quality cancer pain management

Initially discuss with your doctor or health care provider about your pain.

Later you and your doctor both can discuss you pain management procedure and evaluate the success of that procedure. Doctor also monitored your pain with pain-scale method. He should assess how strong his patient is feeling pain. The goal should be keeping his patient comfortable. if you feel any comfort you should talk to your Health care professional. if you are not feeling any improvement, request a referral to a facility especially skilled in care of pain. All major cancer centers have exclusive pain management centers. They also have pain management programs for cancer patients. Mostly insurance covered treatment and medication.

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