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Minimally Invasive Neck & Spine Treatments in New Jersey

Seeking relief from neck and spinal pain? NJ Pain & Spine is a renowned pain management center with six locations in New Jersey. Nj Pain & Spine is dedicated to addressing a spectrum of neck and spinal discomforts. Our specialized services cater to diverse needs, offering effective solutions for alleviating pain and improving the quality of life. Explore our guide to find the best neck and back pain relief in New Jersey, customized to your requirements.

Neck and back pain is incredibly common, with around “85 percent of people suffering from some sort of back or neck pain” (Penn Medicine). Issues like Discs or Arthritis could be a factor, but it could just be your normal everyday activities. Most people don’t have the neck/back support they need at night, which leads to days of spinal issues. 

Not all treatments for neck and spine pain have to be scary, however. NJ Pain & Spine understands that some treatments can be risky and scary, and provides patients with other options. Dr. Ednan Sheikh delivers high-value pain care by replacing costly, unnecessary, and risky treatments with personal care and attention, compassion, and expertise. His physicians tailor minimally invasive techniques to treat your type of spine disorder. Minimally invasive suneck and back pain relief rgery can mean a faster recovery, less scarring, and reduced pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulator

The spinal cord stimulator is a device implanted under the skin that sends electrical signals to the spinal cord to block pain before it reaches the brain. This treatment is used to manage pain by reducing it before it could be felt by your brain and nervous system. 

The stimulator helps chronic pain conditions such as failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, and neuropathic pain. It has also been known to help conditions that have not been able to get treated by medication, physical therapy, or surgery. 

Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Lumbar decompression surgery is a surgical procedure used to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or nerves in the lower back. It involves removing portions of bone, ligament, or disc material to alleviate symptoms caused by conditions like spinal stenosis, herniated discs, or degenerative disc disease. It has been known to reduce pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the lower back and legs by creating more space for the nerves exiting the spinal canal.

Thoracic Epidural Steroid Injection

A thoracic epidural steroid injection is a minimally invasive procedure used to alleviate pain in the thoracic region of the spine (upper and mid-back). It involves injecting a combination of corticosteroid medication and a local anesthetic into the epidural space around the spinal cord and nerve roots. This injection can help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and improve function in conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, vertebral compression fractures, or other sources of thoracic spine pain.

NJ Pain & Spine’s minimally invasive surgeries stand as a beacon of hope for those grappling with chronic pain that has resisted conventional treatments. With the promise of reduced pain and expedited recovery compared to traditional surgeries, our innovative approach offers newfound possibilities for reclaiming a pain-free life. Experience the transformative potential of our minimally invasive surgeries for the best neck and back pain relief in New Jersey, tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

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