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We’re excited to have Dr. Ednan Sheik with us, as he shares his four top tips on how to prepare for a pain management physician appointment. He is a board-certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Management Specialist.

“Everybody wants to get in and out of their doctor’s clinic as quickly as possible, and want to check properly,” says Dr. Ednan. “Today many doctors are also trying to keep to their schedules better than they have in the past to get everyone in and out of the clinic as quickly and safely as possible”. 

He further added that “These tips will help patients not forget any important things while informing their doctors of everything going on in their lives. From chronic pain to illness triggers, having all the information immediately available will help your physician more effectively treat you and how about what’s affecting your health.”

3 Top Tips on How to Prepare for an Appointment

You need to know the following things: Start here:

  • What have your main complaints about your health issue, and what are the related complaints?
  • You should make sure that when exactly did it first start? Did it resolve, recur, or fluctuate at all?
  • Why? You might not know why, but what else was going on at the beginning? Do you know what the cause(s) were? Was there an illness going around, was it a stressful period, or were you exposed to something?
  • How? What type of health issues and problems do you have: intense, lingering or a nuisance? Are other health problems connected with it, and do they come and go at the same time? What makes it better or worse: medications, other treatments, sleep, exercise, nothing?

2. Organize your data

  • If you are already on medications then you should list down your medications in detail: Names, doses, what time you take them, etc. Bring a list along with you.
  • Know and compile your medical history. Do include chronic diagnoses such as high blood pressure or depression. Also include operations you may have had such as a heart surgery. List down any medical incidents that have happened in the past, such as fractures or ruptures.
  • Must have copies of your test results on hand: Laboratory tests, x-rays, previous procedure reports, reports from providers like physical therapists, etc.
  • Often there is a portal that you can print these test results from. Don’t assume that the medical provider will have access to your health when he will be seeing.

3. Set a reasonable problem agenda during your pain management physician appointment

  • You must try to stay focused on the problems at hand.
  • If your issues are more complex than usual. Then try to explain it very well.

Frequently Ask Questions

When Going for a pain management physician Appointment

Living with chronic pain or illness is like a full-time job with unpredictable hours. It can be overwhelming to keep up with all the symptoms, medication side effects, fluctuations in diet, mood and more.

Those who live with chronic pain and illness have been affected the most. Yet, it is they who need most of their doctors’ time, due to the complexity of their illnesses. Thuss, book your appointment as soon as possible.

Why It is vital to Describe Health Issues Accurately

The probability of your medical appointment time is short. But there is a need to describe your health issues to your doctor with greater accuracy.

This is especially true; under this type of health issue the pain or symptoms are ‘invisible’. So, you need to convey your health properly. This thing will help to improve your quality of care, and thus your quality of life.

Consists of paying attention to details by doctor, and your polishing communication skills will be good to identify all health issues that occur due to chronic pain.

How Can a Pain Management Physician Help You?

Living in chronic pain can feel depressing, and it makes everything more difficult for you and your life. If you are at this stage, then you need to know that it’s time to reach out to a pain management physician. He will help alleviate your pain and improve the strength and mobility of your body.

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