What Services Our Pain Management Doctor Offers in Paterson, NJ

Ednan Sheikh, M.D. is an experienced pain management doctor in Paterson, NJ, who offers a range of treatment options to help you get your pain under control. Our team’s focus on pain management means that we have the expertise to provide treatments adapted to fit each patient’s needs.

We provide physical therapy and may suggest light exercises to help return mobility, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain.

Our team can also provide steroidal epidural injections to deliver pain-relieving medication right at the source of the pain. The use of these injections allows us to direct the medicine to the exact point in your spine that causes the pain, maximizing its effects.

In addition to our proactive approach to pain management treatment, we may also recommend lifestyle changes to help with chronic pain management in the long term.

When necessary, our pain doctor in Paterson, NJ, can also perform minimally invasive spinal surgery to treat the issue that is causing your pain.

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We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards as well as cash and personal checks. We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare. To find out if we accept your plan, please call our office.

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Types of Injuries Our Pain Specialists Treat

Dr. Ednan Sheikh helps patients deal with pain in their neck or back, muscles, joints, or pelvic area. We also treat chronic abdominal pain, complex regional pain syndrome, and pain from cancer.

While our specialty is pain management in Paterson, we also treat the conditions that can cause pain. These include treating vertebral fractures, nervous system disorders, whiplash spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and degenerated discs.

Why See a Pain Doctor in Paterson, NJ

If you are in pain, you do not need to suffer or accept it as a fact of life. Our NJ board-certified pain specialists have the expertise and experience to treat your pain. This specialization also allows our specialists to accurately determine the best pain management treatment for each patient’s needs.

While some doctors may employ certain techniques to reduce pain, they lack the experience and expertise of a board-certified pain management specialist. Our specialization in chronic pain treatment also means that we are familiar with the various benefits patients can have from each treatment. This allows our medical team to recommend and implement a proper treatment plan with confidence.

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